CH002 | CH006

Hans J. Wegner, 1982


The CH002 and CH006 are elegant yet simple dining tables designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1982. Wegner's dining tables reveal his profound understanding of wood and its possibilities. 

  • Small yet flexible dining tables available in solid beech or oak.
  • Beech finish options include soap or lacquer/oil, oak finish options include soap, lacquer/oil and white pigmented oil.
  • Possible to add drop leaves at the two table ends. Leaves are hinged and easy to move and available with straight or rounded edges.
  • CH002: 35.4"w 35.4"d 28.3"h
  • CH006: 54.3"w 35.4"d 28.3"h
  • Leaves: 19.3"w (each side)
  • Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son.