Birgitte Due Madsen, 2022


Like a breath of fresh air, Poly is an inspiring, eclectic, and innovative design. The designer painstakingly selected each color scheme to create a sense of perfect harmony and perfect contrast, while still remaining true to a subtle, minimalist form, which has become her signature. The haziness of the material creates a unique and enticing relationship with light and shadow, almost like a delicate jewel. Poly's clean lines and strong angles add a sense of durability, and also lend to the design's contemporary appearance. Drawing inspiration from techniques and color theories used by artists throughout history, this stunning design is made entirely out of resin, and is suited to add a sense of artistry and modernity to any space.

  • Side table
  • Structure in resin
  • Available in two color combinations
  • Stock quantities available, pricing upon request
  • Made in Denmark