Kaschkasch, 2018


At first glance, Yoma appears to be floating. Designed by German duo KaschKasch, the bed stands apart through its low frame, while the long side of the bed serves as a shelf. Irresistibly soft and inviting, the mattress fits comfortable into the sturdy wooden frame, and the back cushions can be fixed in different positions, creating a versatile and customizable design. Yoma can be arranged according to your mood and offers many options to make yourself comfortable while sleeping, reading and resting, and with the addition of an optional side table, Yoma allows you to feel right at home.

  • Bed with upholstered cushions
  • Wood frame available in ash, oak, color stained oak, cherry, American walnut and European walnut
  • Available with or without upholstered headboard
  • Optional side table included
  • 39.4" w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • 47.2"w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • 55.1"w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • 63.0"w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • 70.9"w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • 78.7"w 91.3"l 6.3"h 
  • Made in Germany by Zeitraum