Skyscraper - De Castelli

Mikal Harrsen , 2019


Design Editions specializes in producing stunning items that land mid-way between a design object and an art piece, creating exceptional pieces designed specifically for your walls. Through a manual oxidation treatment the natural black iron sheets acquire a somber chromatic pattern. The geometric arrangement of the triangular forms generates a graphic experiment that when mirrored suggests an infinite repetition. The De Castelli variation of Skyscraper is produced in a limited edition of 20 individual pieces; suggested presentation in a diptych composition (2 pieces) or quadriptych composition (4 pieces). Designer Mikal Harrison describes his creative process: “Essential materials and repetition is often present in my designs. Skyscraper is a geometric interplay that resembles a braided surface reminiscent of collapsing windows and facades on a high-rise building.”

  • Wall design
  • Material: Black Iron Sheets | Lamiera Nero Delabré, De Castelli
  • Anodized aluminum frames
  • Limited edition of 20 pieces
  • 35.4"w 35.4"h 2.2"d
  • Made in Italy by Design Editions