Phenomena Black

Keiji Takeuchi, 2019


Design Editions specializes in producing stunning items that land mid-way between a design object and an art piece, creating exceptional pieces designed specifically for your walls. In Phenomena Black, blocks of solid anodized aluminum are CNC-milled at different frequencies to create subtly angled panels that reflect light and color in endless variations depending on the position of the viewer and time of day. The monochromatic color schemes generate a luminous sheen that emphasizes the aesthetic properties of this oft-used industrial design material.

Keiji Takeuchi explains: “I explore the potential of aluminum beyond its functional use. My research led me to traditional Japanese folding screens – by?bu – that served as both a furnishing and decorative element. Gold-leaf covered screens would reflect ambient light to enliven interior spaces. I’m interested in creating the same effect but doing it in a more conceptual way, incorporating precise CNC machining that transforms an everyday material of industrial design into an engaging surface.”

  • Wall art 
  • 3D milled solid aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Limited edition, 20 sets
  • 35.4"h 23.0"w 2.2"d
  • Made in Italy by Design Editions