VVD Pottery - Oak

Vincent Van Duysen, 2004


Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen's collection of pottery epitomizes his minimalist aesthetic, often expressed by use of natural materials and subtle color. Though each piece is powerful in isolation, the collection is conceived as an entity: an evocation of the shelves of stacked vessels in a potter's studio. Read as a series, the differences of scale and color create powerful rhythms and modulations expressed in the subtle but intense palette of a northern European sky. Each piece is composed of two elements: an earthenware container and a wooden plate. Whilst the angle of curve and smooth profile of each pot are fixed, the diameter and the height of the vessels vary. These shifts in scale determine whether the container is a bowl or a platter. The thickness of the wooden plates, which serve as both cover and plinth, are also variable.

  • Ceramic earthenware base in black, white, warm gray or rust
  • Solid wood lids in sandblasted oak
  • Lids and bases can be mixed and matched
  • 75041 - White base 0.8"h + Oak top 0.4"h Overall: 11.8"dia
  • 75042 - White base 6.7"h + Oak top 1.2"h Overall: 5.9"dia
  • 75043 - Rust base 2.0"h + Oak top 0.8"h Overall: 11.8"dia
  • 75044 - Warm gray base 2.0"h + Oak top 0.8"h Overall: 11.8"dia
  • 75045 - White base 2.8"h + Oak top 1.4"h Overall: 11.8"dia
  • 75046- Cool Gray base 2.8"h + Oak top .4"h Overall: 11.8"dia
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  • Made in Belgium by when objects work
  • Additional colors, shapes and sizes available 
  • Additional colors, shapes and sizes available. Colors include curry, light blue, cool gray, brown, warm gray, black, white or rust.
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