Neri & Hu, 2021


Zisha is a wonderfully innovative collection of nesting bowls, whose design was inspired by tulou, the traditional communal dwellings built historically in Southern China, allowing the bowls to stand as a beautiful homage to Chinese history, culture and architecture. Zisha is also a clay material that naturally occurs in a range of earthen shades, and is typically used to craft traditional teapots. Neri & Hu shapes Zisha clay and travertine into circular forms that can be stacked. Simple and wondrous all at once, Zisha is a beautiful addition to When Objects Work's magnificent collection.

  • Bowl in Zisha clay or natural travertine
  • Small bowl: 7.5"dia 3.8"h
  • Medium bowl: 12.2"dia 2.4"h
  • Large bowl: 15.7"dia 1.6"h
  • Made in Belgium by when objects work