JP Tableware

John Pawson, 2005


The origins of the collection of objects lie in a new cisterian monastery in Bohemia, also designed by John Pawson.  From the idea of creating a set of essential equipment for the monks' refectory has evolved a collection which represents an elegant minimum for the contemporary table.

The forms are simple but powerful, refined but sensuously lyrical, uniting rigorous attention to details of scale, proportion, and fabrication with a consummate material palette.  

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  • Plates, bowls and gobelets made in off white ovenproof stoneware
  • Wine glasses, water glasses and carafe in bohemian crystal
  • Cutlery in solid stainless steel
  • Large plate- 11.8" diameter
  • Small plate- 8.7" diameter
  • Large bowl- 9.8" diameter
  • Medium bowl- 6.7" diameter
  • Small bowl- 4.9" diameter
  • Carafe- 3.9" diameter 9.8"h
  • 24 Piece Cutlery Set - 6 pieces each - Knife, 3 prong Fork, Large Spoon, Small Spoon
  • Made in Belgium by when objects work



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