Candle Holder

Valerie Chomarat, 2021


Inspired by classic columns and their capitals, the Candle Holders simplify yet address - and reinvent - the clean lines of the traditional candle holder. Designer Valerie Chomarat harmoniously combines an incredibly gorgeous juxtaposition of brass and marble, or brass and wood, to establish a candleholder that instantly becomes one of the most cherished items within the home.

  • Candleholder
  • Holder in brass, base in marble or wood
  • Available in the following variants: Black Marble with Bronze or Brass Emperador Marble with Bronze or Brass Walnut Wood with Bronze or Brass Black Stone with Bronze or Brass
  • 4.7"h 3.5" base dia
  • 5.9" h 3.5" base dia
  • 7" h 4.7" base dia
  • 8.2" h 4.7" base dia
  • 7" h"h 5.9" base dia
  • Made in Belgium by when objects work