Sofie Johansson and Lovisa Sandström, 2020


Designed by two young design students in their senior year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, Ridå was created as part of an assignment where students were commissioned to present ideas for new products for various Swedish furniture and interior design companies. Kallemo was so intrigued by Ridå, that they decided to produce it for their collection. Describing the design's intended use, the designers explain: "The concept is a piece efficient for storing clothes that also works as a room within the room, with its own distinct form, even when empty. The brief stated that the design should be timeless, not following any trends. It’s quite a substantial and heavy piece that will age with grace, but we think it makes a light and airy impression with its transparency."

  • Wardrobe/Organizer
  • Frame and base in steel
  • 55.1"w 24.4"d 70.9"h
  • Made in Sweden by Källemo