Thomas Alken, 2009


Designer Thomas Alken became increasingly intreagued by the waste wood he would encounter at PP Mobler, noticing that beautiful and potentially usable pieces of wood were often being discarded. The pieces were far too small to be part of a chair, but his fascination with them led him to create the pp961 hanger, composed of the waste wood that he was initially so inspired by. This simple and practical hanger consists of two basic parts, a rail and a hanger. The hangers are produced in all possible wood types, depending on the current activity in the workshop, which makes each version unique. 

  • Solid wood hanger
  • Easily assembled without wood or tool
  • Pieces are movable to encourage customization
  • Available in three sizes
  • 18.9"w 4.7"d 3.1"h
  • 25.2"w 4.7"d 3.1"h
  • 37.8"w 4.7"d 3.1"h
  • Made in Denmark by PP Møbler