Claesson Koivisto Rune, 2022


First displayed at Helsinki Design Week 2002, Willow has gone through a multitude of transformations leading up to its relaunch in 2022. The design's irregular striping is dyed using willow bark, while the entire rug is made of paper yarn, combining gentle tones of willow colour and the neutral base color. Additionally, the willow natural dye is produced locally in Finland: the willow is grown and collected, made into a dye, and applied all in the same place. While using willow as natural dye is an ancient and well-established technique, Woodnotes has modernized the process to meet the needs and standards of today's world, with that hope that one day natural dyes may replace synthetic ones. Finally, the use of willow dye is especially symbolic, given that the material of the carpet itself is spun from wood.

  • Area rug in paper yarn and cotton
  • Available with a variety of edging, backing, and fringes
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Maximum width: 131.9"
  • Maximum length: 393.7"
  • Made in Finland by Woodnotes