Ritva Puotila, 2015


The Squareplay rug is woven from ecofriendly hypo-allergenic paper yarn and designed for modern residential use as well as light contract use. The carpet’s pattern is a row of squares available in an wide combination of colors and sizes. With flat almost seamless edges, the rugs are meant to be placed side by side in order to create larger squared areas. Squareplay can also be placed against other rugs in the Woodnotes collection, including the brand new Big Stripe rug. Squareplay and Big Stripe rugs are available in 24 colors of paper yarn which can be mixed and matched to suit your individual style.

  • Squareplay carpet in 76% paper yarn (weft), 13% cotton (warp), 11% polyester felt (backing)
  • Available in 24 colors, each square can be selected individually to create a multitude of color combinations
  • Each individual square measures 31.4"w to 43.3"w max
  • Carpets available with sewn edges, turned edges, and backing
  • Carpets with sewn edges supplied to order in maximum dimensions of 98.4"w 196.8"l  
  • Carpets with sewn edges and backing are supplied to order in maximum dimensions of 129.9"w 393.7"l 
  • Finishing allows the Squareplay carpets to be placed side by side and mixed and matched with other paper yarn rugs in the Woodnotes collection, as the edging does not break the striping of the carpet
  • Antistatic, suitable for persons with allergies, supplied with soil-repellent treatment
  • Made in Finland by Woodnotes