Cecilie Manz, 2020


Rugs is a collection of stylish, innovative and artistic rugs that showcase designer Cecilie Manz's true creative genius. Each of the four rug designs draw inspiration from the designer’s pencil drawings with geometric cut-outs, paper layering and coloured pencils, as well as shapes cast by sunlight through her studio windows. Various tufting heights within each design make these rugs subtly three dimensional and tactually interesting. Each rug is handtufted in India and coloured with acid-free dye. Proceeds from production support children’s education in Nepal.

  • Collection of rugs
  • 100% hand-tufted wool
  • Four designs available: Dots, Balance, Dotted Balance, Ochre
  • Dots: 59.0"w 75.0"l
  • Dotted balance: 40.5"w 51.1"l
  • Balance: 40.5"w 51.1"l
  • Ochre: 40.5"w 51.1"l
  • Made in Denmark by Fritz Hansen