All The Way To Paris, 2016


The Moor Rugs are the second series of rugs designed by All The Way To Paris produced by &tradition. This time, ATWTP’s departure point came from the various shapes of gemstones. “We wanted to focus solely on the shapes, colours and textures – without any patterns,” notes Tanja Vibe and Petra Olsson Gendt, founders and partners at ATWTP. “For us, a rug brings all the elements of a room together in harmony, creating a feeling of closeness.” The result is a compelling sense of cohesion, especially when you arrange all the rugs together as a cluster of gemstones. The rugs have a subtle shimmer to the surface to echo the qualities of a gemstone.

  • Made of 85% pure New Zealand wool, 15% viscose
  • The AP5 and AP7 models are rectangles, while the AP6 and AP8 models are octagonal
  • AP5 and AP7 available in grey moss, beige dew, yellow field, and green pine
  • AP6 and AP8 available in red heather, yellow field, blue midnight, and green pine
  • AP5 (rectangular): 66.9"w 94.5"l
  • AP6 (octagonal): 94.5"w 94.5"l
  • AP7 (rectangular): 78.8"w 118.0"l
  • AP8 (octagonal): 118.0"w 111.8"l
  • Made in Denmark by AndTradition