Hanna Korvela, 2021


Majore is an undeniably beautiful rug, and we would expect nothing less from Woodnotes, the contemporary Finnish design experts and textile masters, who have brought us one masterpiece after another. Made of pure new wool and linen, Majore is a tufted rug in which the yarns form loops; this high-loop piles structure is lively and smooth, contributing to a dynamic and textured appearance while offering a remarkable softness. Tufted carpets are often found in the most central area of the home, providing a foundation and focal point around which the rest of the room is designed—and Majore is perfectly suited for such a role. 

  • Rug in 80% pure new wool, 20% linen
  • Backing in polyester and latex
  • Available in six colorways: quartz, light brown, black, opal, brown, and obsidian
  • Available in custom, made to order sizes
  • Max dimensions: 157.5"w 354."l 
  • Made in Finland by Woodnotes