Ritva Puotila, 2015


The color block design of the new Fourways carpet is a combination of four wide stripes that create a play of colors, giving rhythm and structure. Offered in nine unique color patterns, the pieces look exceptional when placed side by side. 

  • Color block carpet in 76% paper yarn (weft), 13% cotton (warp), 11% polyester felt (backing)
  • Available in nine color patterns including: Light grey-White; Antique-White; Brown-White; Graphite-Stone; Brass-Nutria; Onyx-Black; Plum-Graphite; Turquoise-Dark Blue; Turquoise-Graphite
  • Carpets available in four finishing/edging styles, including with backing and sewn edges
  • Finishing allows the Fourways carpets to be placed side by side, as the edging does not break the striping of the carpet
  • Antistatic, suitable for persons with allergies, supplied with soil-repellent treatment
  • Made in Finland by Woodnotes