Cruise Rug

All The Way To Paris, 2022


Featuring gorgeous, symmetrical linework that contrasts elegantly against the neutral-toned wool, the Cruise Rug’s appealing patterns add a sense of dimension and modernity. The design allows Cruise to elevate and refine your space in a way that feels sophisticated, tasteful, and current. Each rug is handloom-woven, which is a skilled production technique that produces a dense, velvet-like feel, resulting in an astonishingly soft texture. The material has a subtle sheen which is achieved by spinning a small amount of viscose into the woolen fibers. The Cruise Rug is available in two colorways and two sizes.

  • Rug
  • Composed of 77% Wool, 13% Viscose, Bamboo Silk 10%
  • Available in two colorways: Aden Desert Beige (blue accents) or Bombay Golden Brown (burgundy accents)
  • AP11: 94.5"w 94.5"l
  • AP12: 78.7"w 118.1"l
  • Made in India by Nine United for &Tradition