Shimmer Specchi

Patricia Urquiola, 2016


The Shimmer Specchi mirror is another stunning addition to Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola's magnificent 'Shimmer' collection. The design community instantly fell in love with the series, whose pieces are defined by glass which changes reflective colors and tones based on the angle of the light and vantage point of the viewer. The mirrors are made of extralight glass and produced using refined processing techniques with an irridescent multichromatic finish, enhancing their dynamic and variable appearance. 

  • Collection of mirrors in extralight glass
  • SHS01 39.4"l 31.5"h 2.4"d 
  • SHS02 39.4"l 49.2"h 2.4"d
  • SHS03 39.4"l 70.9"h 2.4"d
  • SHS04 23.6"dia 2.4"d
  • SHS05 31.5"dia 2.4"d
  • Also available as a side table, coffee table, or shelving unit
  • Made in Italy by GlasItalia