I Massi Specchi

Claudio Silvestrin,


The I Massi Specchi is composed of 45 degree chamfered mirror slabs joined to create a monolithic figure. In the version with a blue or white neon lighting installation, a circle of light pours out from the back of the mirror. It is also available without lighting.  

  • Wall mirror composed of chamfered mirror slabs
  • Available with or without neon backlight in white or blue
  • Supplied with double horizontal and vertical fixtures
  • SMA01: 26.4"w 7.5"d 79.3"h
  • SMA02: 28.3"w 7.5"d 28.3"h
  • SMA03: 28.3"w 7.5"d 52.4"h
  • SMA04: 40.6"w 7.5"d 40.6"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia