Gli Specchi di Dioniso

Ettore Sottsass, 2007


This collection is composed of six wall mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Each mirror is characterized by unique polychromatic frames composed of elements in laminated colored mirror, colored laminated glass, and lacquered glass.

  • Series of six wall mirrors in various shapes and sizes
  • Polychromatic frames with laminated colored glass and lacquered glass elements
  • DIONIS01: 24.4"w 22.8"h
  • DIONIS02: 26.8"w 25.2"h
  • DIONIS03: 24.4"w 22.8"h
  • DIONIS04: 28.0"w 20.4"h
  • DIONIS05: 26.8"w 26.8"h
  • DIONIS06: 26.0"w 24.8"h
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia