The Wilkinson Desktop Series

Lara Bohinc, 2015


Created by internationally renowned jewelry designer, Lara Bohinc, the Wilkinson Desktop Series is a part of the home accessories collection that consist of two frames, letter rack, pen holder, and a small container. Exuding Skultuna’s distinct Swedish heritage and named after artist Norman Wilkinson who created the dazzle pattern, the Wilkinson Desktop Series pays respects to both Picasso and Cubism. Great for preserving a photo and holding a pen, these designs will make elegant additions to any desktop. 

  • Accessories are made of semi etched brass with dazzle camouflage pattern
  • Large Frame: 9.1"w 6.7"l
  • Small Frame: 4.7"w 3.5"l
  • Pen Holder: 2.6"side 3.3"h
  • Letter Rack: 5.5"d 2.8"h
  • Small Container: 3.1"side
  • Made in Sweden by Skultuna