Lievore, Altherr, Molina, 2006


The nature of a family is to grow year after year, and the Zoe collection of informal lounge chairs does just that. The originator, Zoe, was first manufactured in 2006, and the family now includes the addition of Zoe small, Zoe baby, Zoe outdoor, Zoe pouf, Zoe chaise-longue, and the newest addition, Zoe extra large, a super-size version. Designed without a support frame, the Zoe collection has become a must in the market of informal but elegant chairs. Zoe takes the shape of the user’s body through interior compartments of micro-beads, which then allow ergonomics to vary with the movement of the body.

The slipcover can be completely removed and in addition to the basic version with ‘visible’ seams or classical stitching, the upholstery of every Zoe chair is now available with the new blanket stitching “Punto Cavallo,” which is highly decorative and comes in varying colors.

  • Collection of lounge chairs, poufs, and chaise longues with amorphous bodies housing separate zippered chambers filled with expanded polystyrene pearls
  • Interior chambers have special zipper safety pockets to prevent leakage and maintain shape
  • Fully removable fabric slipcovers in various fabrics or COM/COL
  • Zoe XL: 52.4"w 47.2"d 28.3"h 14.2"seat ht
  • Zoe Pouf XL: 48.4w 24.8d 14.2h
  • Zoe Large: 42.5"w 47.2"d 28.3"h 14.2"seat ht
  • Zoe Pouf Large: 42.5"w 24.8"d 14.2"h
  • Zoe Small: 34.6"w 47.2"d 28.3"h 14.2"seat ht
  • Zoe Pouf Small: 34.6"w 24.8"d 14.2"h
  • Zoe Chaise: 42.5"w 66.9"d 28.3"h 14.2 seat ht
  • Zoe Baby: 29.5"w 31.9"d 19.3"h 9.8"seat ht
  • Zoe Pouf Square: 25.6"w 25.6"d 14.2"h
  • Zoe Pouf Cubo: 18.9"w 18.9"d 16.5"h
  • Zoe Pouf Round cm.95: 37.4"dia 14.2"h
  • Zoe Pouf Round cm.75: 29.5"dia 14.2"h
  • Zoe Pouf Round cm.50: 19.7"dia 16.5"h
  • All options are also available in an outdoor version
  • Additional slipcovers are available and guaranteed for 15 years from date of purchase
  • Made in Italy by Verzelloni