JP Cookware

John Pawson, 2004


If houses remain the heart of John Pawson's work, kitchens are increasingly the heart of the houses. Collaboration with Demeyere started with the idea of providing contemporary kitchens with a set of core equipment that combines functional sophistication with formal simplicity.

The focus of this design lies within the refined shape of the body and the detail of the junction between body and handle. This produces a family of quietly modern forms, equally at home over a flame or on a table.

  • Made in stainless steel
  • 30 year guarantee
  • Made in Belgium by when objects work


Cooking Pot with Lid in the following sizes:

  • 6.3" diameter, 1.5L
  • 7.1" diameter, 2.2L
  • 7.9 diameter, 3.0L
  • 8.7" diameter, 4.0L
  • 9.4" diameter, 5.2L
  • 11" diameter, 8.4L


Low cooking pot with lid:

  • 11" diameter, 4.0L


Stockpot with lid:

  • 7.9" diameter, 5.0L
  • 9.4" diameter, 8.0L
  • 7.1" diameter, 2.2L
  • 7.9" diameter, 3.0L


Saucepot with or without lid:

  • 5.5" diameter, 1.0L 
  • 6.3" diameter, 1.5L


Low saucepot with or without lid:

  • 11" diameter, 4.0L


Saute pot with or without lid:

  • 7.9" diameter, 2.0L


Frying Pan:

  • 9.4" diameter
  • 11" diameter