JP Large Bowl

John Pawson, 2001



John Pawson has designed a bowl as a perfect seamless hemisphere, refraining from the use of flatness in the base in order to preserve the integrity of the profile's smooth curve. Filled with sand, the Bronze Bowl rests steadily on a surface, arousing curiosity in its audience with all inner-workings deliberately hidden from plain sight. Pawson has combined a traditional material, bronze, and a minimal shape - the combination of which makes for perfect use in contemporary spaces. Part of the Belgian atelier When Objects Work's inaugural collection by John Pawson titled "5 Objects," the JP Bowl is a container based on a basic geometric shape where each piece explores the interaction between material and form. In 2015, When Objects Work launched the JP Bowl in a new copper coating. The warm metallic hue freshens the finish options for this timeless design.  

  • Decorative bowl (not intended for serving)
  • Available in bronze, white, off-white, copper, glass, marble, or limestone
  • 13.8"dia 6.9"h
  • Made in Belgium by when objects work



  • Product ships directly from SUITE NY warehouse in New York
  • Ships via FedEx, standard and expedited service available