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The dynamic Shimmer series is characterized by a special iridescent multichromatic finish, which brings these stunningly beautiful glass dining tables to life. The appearance and reflective colors vary according to the angle of the light source and the vantage point upon which the table is viewed. The table has a magical and ethereal appearance, unlike anything we've seen before.

  • Collection of glass coffee tables available in two sizes in iridescent colored glass
  • Available in glossy transparent glass
  • SHI08: 37.4" dia 29.1"h
  • SHI09: 41.3" dia 29.1"h
  • SHI10: 47.2" dia 29.1"h
  • SHI11: 51.2" dia 29.1"h
  • SHI12: 55.1" dia 29.1"h
  • SHI13: 94.5"w 51.2"d 29.1"h
  • SHI17: 70.9"w 45.3"d 28.7"h
  • SHI18: 47.2" dia 28.7"h
  • SHI19: 47.2"w 47.2"d 28.7"h
  • SHI120: 70.9"w 39.4"d 28.7"h
  • SHI21: 70.9"w 47.2"d 28.7"h
  • SHI22: 47.2"w 35.4"d 28.7"h
  • The presence of small scratches or irregular and non homogeneous coloring are an intrinsic feature of the special material used
  • Also available as a side table, coffee tables, and wall mirror
  • Made in Italy by Glas Italia

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders please contact showroomsales@suiteny.com or call 212-421-3300 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm to speak to a design expert for advice and consultation.

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