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Whisper Acoustic Panels

Tapio Anttila, 2011


Whisper and Whisper Collage Acoustic Panels are environmentally friendly wall panels designed to muffle sound without sacrificing design aesthetics. Made from pure and safe raw materials, Whisper is ecological and suitable for people with allergies. Excellent audio-technological features, the panels are also resistant to biological damage and are fire resistant. The collage appearance of the panels can be changed with the choice of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses of panels.

  • Upholstered in sand paper yarn cotton fabric, available in nine colors
  • Filling in bacteria-free, oxygen bleached cellulose fiber with bi-component heat fiber and cellulose based glue together with liquid, neutral (pH 7) protective agent is made from boron minerals
  • Back in plywood with wall rails and fittings
  • Made in Finland by Woodnotes
  • Suitable for contract and residential use

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders please contact or call 212-421-3300 Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm to speak to a design expert for advice and consultation.


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