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True Colour Vases

Lex Pott, 2015

$99.00 - $289.00


The seven vases in the True Colour collection are made from blue, black, and pink brass; aluminium; copper; brown; and black steel. Each vase shows one of these seven metals in both its oxidised and polished state, revealing the color and textural possibilities of each type of metal. Designer Lex Pott has conducted extensive research into the oxidisation process. "Every metal has its own oxide colour depending on the reaction," he said. "It took a lot of research to find the right recipes to accelerate the oxidisation, which might otherwise take decades." Each vase was oxidised in its entirety and then the bottom or the top section was cleaned and polished to create a different colour and texture." By showing both the original and oxidised colour in one product, the viewer is made aware of its material qualities," said Pott. The organic process of oxidisation allows for each vase to be different, while maintaining a replicable concept.


  • Seven vases of different heights and widths, each made of a different type of metal
  • Each vase has two parts, an oxidised section and a polished section
  • LP1 - White Aluminum: 3.9"dia 7.9"h
  • LP2 - Terracotta Brass: 3.9"dia 9.4"h
  • LP3 - Green Copper: 3.1"dia 7.9"h
  • LP4 - Tall Brown Steel: 3.1"dia 7.1"h
  • LP5 - Blue Brass: 3.9"dia 5.5."h
  • LP6 - Black Brass: 2.6"dia 6.3"h
  • LP7 - Short Brown Steel:  3.1"dia 3.9"h
  • Made in Denmark by &Tradition


  • Product ships directly from SUITE NY warehouse in New York
  • Ships via FedEx, standard and expedited service available

Many of our products come in additional finishes and sizes. For questions, finish options and custom orders please contact or call 212-421-3300 Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm to speak to a design expert for advice and consultation.


True Colour - Terracotta Brass $ 289.00

True Colour - Blue Brass $ 269.00

True Colour - Black Brass $ 169.00

True Colour - White Aluminum $ 149.00

True Colour - Green Copper $ 279.00

True Colour - Short Brown Steel $ 99.00



KFM Soft Vase

from $598.00

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