VIDEO: X Table in Action

February 04, 2014

As good as it may feel sometimes, sitting for extended periods of time is anything but good for your health.  The human body is simple not made to sit all day.  And with many of us sitting at work for 9+ hours a day, we practically spend the bulk of our waking moments in an office chair.

Thankfully, there are several solutions to this growing problem.  SUITE NY is proud to have acquired one of the chicest solutions in the X Table, designed by Danish interdisciplinary studio KiBiSi.

Direct and efficient, the X-Table is a manually height adjustable desk that uses kinetic power, instead of electricity, for height adjustments. The simple manual crank saves energy, keeps users active and allows for a streamlined design.  The technical features of the design are all integrated within its table top. The folding X component, which aids in raising and lowering the desk’s height, is based off of the mechanical principals typically used in carjacks and ironing boards.  X Table is accompanied by a storage unit on wheels which rolls back and forth with the X base as you adjust the height, allowing you to easily stash items not in use an arm’s length away.

The video above shows the X Table in action, saving our backs one crank at a time. KiBiSi, the three design brains behind the desk, also produced and shot the video.

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