September 25, 2019

In design, the beauty and genius can often be found in the details. Wrapped materials epitomize this process. Whether utilized as a subtle addition or a primary feature in the design, wrapped details require expert craftsmanship and mastery, and can elevate a design from mere craft to an innovative statement piece. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that incorporate wrapped details in a variety of materials to showcase just how exceptional this feature can be.
Leather, wood, and steel join together in perfect harmony in the Geometric Side Chair. Like most of BassamFellows’ designs, the Geometric Side Chair draws from clear mid-century influences while incorporating a contemporary edge. The result is an elegant, modern chair that fully transforms both the appearance of your dining space and the feeling of your dining experience. Leather wrapping provides extra comfort and support by connecting the two structural elements of the chair’s tubular steel back, while also adding a stylish visual detail.
Fabricius & Kastholm
The Grasshopper is a fluid, elegant mid-century chaise. Timelessly chic, Grasshopper is a prime example of Fabricius & Kastholm’s core values, which radiate from each of their iconic designs — elegant, refined, and crafted with an extraordinary sense of functionality, detail, and quality. Wrapped leather details along each arm incorporate masterful craftsmanship, and contrast elegantly against the steel. Available with black, white, natural or maroon leather cushions.
Paavo Tynell
Originally designed for the Hotel Aulanko in Finland, the 9602 Floor Lamp incorporates materials and techniques not typically associated with lighting. The light’s wicker willow lamp shade and rattan-wrapped stem contribute natural, woven materials to an already elegant design, adding a more rustic, organic sentiment. Perfectly suited for creating a gentle, ambient light in your living room, 9602 is equally capable of blending into both traditional and modern environments.
Ole Schjøll
The OS Stool is the result of years of design inspiration, and numerous collaborations throughout Ole Schjøll’s career. The design idea has evolved over time, ultimately leading to a beautiful, functional and very durable stool—the epitome of ambitious craftsmanship and design. Light and refreshing, the stool works perfectly whether placed in lounge spaces, bedrooms, or casual dining areas. Crafted without any hardware, the seat and base are wrapped together with leather straps. Featuring a braided wicker cushion and bold, curved legs, Ole Schjøll's Stool combines both rustic and contemporary elements to create a modern day classic.
Poul Kjærholm
Incorporating a striking flag halyard seat and back, the PK25 was designed in 1951 as Kjaerholm’s final graduation project at the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen. Kjaerholm was determined to reduce the chair to a single piece of each material, resulting in the overarching hallmark of the chair: the continuous steel frame that is bent in a single piece without joints or added connections. The flag halyard wraps around the sleek steel frame, contrasting harmoniously and creating an unexpectedly juxtaposition of natural and industrial materials.
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