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The technique of using woven materials in furniture dates back thousands of years—and though it may have started in ancient history, this timeless method continues to define stunning and contemporary designs to this day. From America to Europe and across the globe, designers and artisans have utilized an endless array of materials—rattan, rope, paper, fabric, and so much more—to add texture, dimension, comfort, and durability to their work. This week, we’re featuring five wonderful woven designs to add something innovative and exceptional to your interior.
Ejnar Pedersen and Knud Holscher
Designed by the collaborative minds of two lifelong friends, KHEP is the result of two lifetime’s worth of design expertise. Designers Holscher and Pedersen were 85 and 93 years old respectively when the idea emerged, proving that genius and creativity get sharper over time. From the unique silhouette to the unexpected lines of the frame, there’s an effortless magic that transforms KHEP into something truly special. The painted ash frame in red, black, or grey, along with the gorgeous hand-braided wicker seat combine in perfect harmony, pulling this sophisticated design together and creating a sense of warmth—the perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary homes.
Paolo Tilche
Silvia is a design that truly highlights the exceptional versatility and character of rattan furniture, and retains an airy, spacious visual lightness that is only made possible by the use of rattan as the primary material. The extra-quality rattan is shaped and transformed to create a unique, multi-dimensional silhouette that manages to look elegant in almost any environment. Silvia is a perfect reminder that natural materials can feel organic and rustic, while still contributing to cutting-edge, contemporary designs. Frame in malacca, seat in Indian cane and rattan.
Poul Kjærholm
PK20™ adopts rustic and industrial material and transforms it into a chic and exciting contemporary chair, making it the perfect addition to the modern country home. An exercise in contrasting materials, the sleek, steel cantilever base comes together in perfect harmony with PK20™’s woven, wicker seat, representative of Poul Kajerholm’s commitment to logical design and ability to utilize different materials with masterly artistic finesse. The elegant curves which repeat throughout the design give the chair a sense of fluidity and lightness, perfect for lounging on a summer afternoon.
Smilow Design
The Woven Rush Lounge Chair is the epitome of a classic, timeless design, and a testament to the work of beloved New York designer, Mel Smilow. The design features a handwoven rush seat, which offers an inviting texture that appeals to the senses, both sight and touch. Like all Smilow designs, the Woven Rush Lounge Chair is made with the finest craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail to ensure that each piece exhibits extraordinary quality. Versatile enough to blend seamlessly into traditional, mid-century, or contemporary spaces, the Woven Rush collection also includes a dining chair, a bench, and an ottoman.
Hans J. Wegner
The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner eventually completed this design at the age of 72. Very few designs express the incorporation of geometric shapes as effectively and profoundly as this stunning design, which showcases beautiful woven halyard backing, in turn providing depth and dimension while offering great comfort and flexibility. Surprisingly versatile, the Circle Chair is light and transparent, very practical, and easy to move around, fitting stylishly into almost any interior. Halyard available in natural or black, frame available in oak, ash, cherry, or lacquered in a variety of colors.