June 26, 2019

Over the past decade, one of the major changes in the workplace has been the introduction of shared spaces. Across industries and around the world, individuals and companies are embracing the concept of open workspaces and exploring the intersection of work and community. This week, we’re featuring five items to elevate your place of business, both aesthetically and functionally. Beyond adding style and comfort, each of these designs boasts an exceptional degree of functionality to make your workspace more efficient, more productive, and more convenient.
Jaime Hayon, 2018
Looking for an extraordinarily comfortable place to lounge, while still retaining some privacy to focus on your work? In the shared workspace, Plenum is a dream come true. Elegant and contemporary, this sofa or lounge chair features built-in walls, as well as optional side table additions, and optional power units with two outlets. Plenum not only provides a place to sit in comfort, but it lends itself to supreme convenience with its high sides and back for additional privacy, ideal for joining a conference call or hosting a small meeting of your own.
Lievore, Altherr, Molina, 2016
Though millions of people enjoy working in shared spaces, most of us appreciate some degree of privacy while we work, especially when making calls, participating in meetings, or working on an important project. The Parentesit Partition is here to provide a stylish and functional solution. Inspired by minimalist art and classic Japanese interiors, Parentesit is an acoustic wall panel that reduces extraneous background noise and creates space for concentration. These movable, modular screens come in a variety of square and circular sizes to meet your specific needs, with a wide range of upholstery options to choose from. Each panel is fully customizable and can be outfitted with speakers or ambient LED lighting, providing the perfect workspace ambiance to suit your preferences.
Jørgen Rasmussen, 1958
Kevi is a classic office chair that represents architect Jørgen Rasmussen's belief, "The better you sit, the more you get done." Designed over 50 years ago, long before the term 'ergonomic' was ever used, the Kevi chair has ben found in homes, schools, offices, and other places where one chair must satisfy many sitters. Ideal for shared workspaces, Kevi maximizes movement and flexibility, while the ergonomic design facilitates a comfortable workday that won’t result in soreness or back pain. Kevi’s compression moulded seat and back and polished aluminum base allow this versatile chair to look stunning in almost any workspace. Available in multiple configurations.
Paul McCobb, Circa 1950
The late Paul McCobb was a pioneer of contemporary democratic design, whose creations filled homes across the world with lasting, quality pieces. In the Planner Shelves, we see McCobb’s signature style combined with thoughtful functionality. The Planner fits perfectly into any modern space and easily lends itself to convenient, accessible storage, ideal for displaying supplies in a shared workspace. McCobb's Planner can also be used for storage in workspace kitchens or dining areas, or to hold books, files, binders, and other documents. Frame in powder-coated steel with shelves in solid natural oak.
Kaschkasch, 2016
The Rail system, by German duo Kaschkasch, was designed to foster collaboration within the workplace. This innovative table allows you to work in teams or alone depending on how it is configured. A series of connectable, modular components, Rail features jointless tabletops and movable trestles. Quickly and easily extendable, this piece creates an astounding degree of flexibility in shared workspaces, facilitating a team environment with ample surface space and versatile customization. Available in beech, oak, maple, cherry, knotty oak, American walnut, or European walnut, Rail’s light, and contemporary appearance make it a seamless fit for any open workspace.
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