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As the world continues navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are working from home. In fact, many companies are making the bold choice of closing their offices and permanently shifting to remote work. Home offices allow us to integrate our own tastes and preferences into our workspace, creating an overall more pleasant work experience, while allowing us to consider every aspect of our environment: comfort, functionality, style, convenience, and spatial constraints. Ultimately, the more we enjoy our workspace, the more productive and efficient we are—so this week, we’re highlighting five items to help you transform your home office into something truly special.
Paul McCobb
Designed by the late Paul McCobb – a pioneer of democratic design whose creations filled homes across the world with lasting, quality pieces – the Planner shelving system is an exceptional addition to the modern home office. Exhibiting a refreshing visual lightness, Planner is available in three configurations for rooms of varying sizes, and each design offers significant storage and display space. The powder coated steel frame and natural oak shelves juxtapose harmoniously and provide a sense of versatility, allowing the Planner to blend seamlessly into your home office without skipping a beat.
Farg & Blanche
Looking for the office chair of your dreams? Allow us to introduce you to Mr. N. This chair incorporates unsurpassed comfort, not often found in office furniture, through it’s plush inner upholstery, allowing you to sit for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort. The visible wood and pronounced stitching make the setting warmer and more personal, offering a sense of coziness amidst a beautifully progressive design. Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, with threading available in black, orange, green, brown, dark grey, light grey, or off-white, Mr. N can be customized to fit effortlessly into your home office. Additionally, the sleek swivel base offers essential convenience and mobility.
PK51™ | PK55™
Poul Kjærholm
Minimalist and versatile, iconic Danish designer Poul Kjærholm’s PK51/PK55 table is perfect for establishing a stylish and efficient work environment. The table highlights one of Kjærholm’s signature styles, pairing contrasting materials to create elegant and unexpected dynamics, with a tabletop veneered in ash and base in satin brushed stainless steel. Simple and minimalist, the design carries a strong presence without commanding too much attention, and is large enough to facilitate large projects and meet all your home office requirements. If you’re looking for a spacious table to fit a computer and office supplies, while allowing you to spread papers and documents out as needed, the PK51/PK55 could be just what you need.
Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo’s portfolio is defined by experimentation with new materials and technologies, to create futuristic “machines for living,” and this ethos has carried his work from decade to decade for more than 50 years. Timeless and elegant, the Domo Table Lamp was designed in 1965, but its beautiful mid-century charm remains incredibly tasteful, even in more contemporary spaces. Ideal for warmly illuminating desks or work tables, Domo offers a stylish solution that feels appropriate for home offices of a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Available in sleek lacquered brass or sophisticated black-painted steel, Domo is the perfect finishing touch to add character and style to your personal workspace.
Fabricius & Kastholm
FK150 may have been designed in 1968, but designs like this truly never go out of style. The perfect companion to the contemporary workspace, FK150 is a simple yet beautiful design. The combination of three materials—solid wood frame, sleek chrome base, and laminate doors—creates a uniquely appealing aesthetic, and adds liveliness and creativity to this dynamic design. A testament to Lange Production’s exceptional dedication to quality and tradition, the FK150 is still manufactured today in the same facility using the same tools as when it was first designed.