February 05, 2020

Wood is an incredibly versatile material. Timeless enough to never go out of style, wood is the primary feature of countless iconic designs, whether classic, mid-century or contemporary. From oak to walnut, ash to beech, and everything in between, there is an endless array of options for those looking to incorporate wood designs into their space. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the stunning beauty of wooden furniture.
The Friday Lounge is a fantastic example of just how much beauty can be contributed to a design through a masterful use of wood elements. The subtly formed wooden frame of the chair has a back section of leather with a design reminiscent of a pattern cut, while soft downy cushions lie gently in the frame and offer superb comfort. Designed to last a lifetime, Friday’s wooden frame is smooth, flowing, and contemporary, facilitating a modern and unexpected silhouette. Frame available in oak or American walnut.
Jakob Thau & Sami Kallio
Betty TK1 highlights the sleek sensibility of wood through a stunning contrast with its linen webbing seat. Not only does the webbing add comfort and provide a unique visual element, it allows the lacquered solid wood frame to shine through its juxtaposition against another material. The single-piece wooden frame is deceptively lightweight yet inherently stable, and the design is stackable for added convenience. Frame available in black, twilight, and maroon.
Dan Pollock
Dan Pollock’s tables are unique, one-of-a-kind hand-carved sculptures made from recycled wooden stumps found in the forests of California. Pollock has spent the past 31 years living on a fifteen-acre ranch located in the high desert near the San Bernardino National Forest, and is a woodsman turned artist whose first love has always been the forest and its tranquility which inspires his art. Utilizing a wide range of woods such as White Fir, Giant Juniper, Cottonwood, and Pine, Pollock finds sources for wood that do not require a living tree to be cut down. As he sands and smooths the wood, Pollock seeks to reveal each piece’s own gentle, aged lines, creating an original, inimitable piece of art for spaces of any purpose and function. 
The majority of BassamFellows’ designs showcase an exceptional appreciation for high-quality wood materials and craftsmanship, and the CB-12 Stacking Tray is no exception. The Stacking Tray is carved from solid wood with gently curved edges for optimal elegance and ease of use, functioning as a traditional serving tray or as a display piece. It is versatile enough to act as a building block for other elements, such as the CB-33 Tray Rack Side Table, or to create a statement of its own. In multiples, the trays may be stacked together to form side tables of any height. Available in white oak or ash.
Smilow Design
Made of solid walnut, the Railback Sofa is a prime example of hand-crafted wooden furniture. Featuring an exposed rail structure, this architectural piece presents exceptional detail from every angle. The sofa’s most notable feature—its unique, stunning cage-like frame—is a strikingly beautiful element, which not only defines the sofa but the space around it, as well. Designed by iconic New York furniture designer, Mel Smilow, Railback’s mid-century appeal feels just as relevant today as it did in 1950 when it was originally designed, reminding us why we refer to Smilow designs as “enduring modern classics.”
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