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Can you believe it’s already November? It feels like just yesterday we were enjoying the warmth of Summer, and now we’re already entering the chilly Holiday season. If you’re looking to add an organic and stylish sense of warmth to your space, we can’t think of a better brand than iconic German manufacturer, Zeitraum. Specializing in eco-conscious and sustainable designs incorporating distinctive, natural wood, Zeitraum’s beautiful collection features a broad selection of designs for any part of the home, all available in a wide range of wood varieties. This week, we’re showcasing five designs from Zeitraum to add some warmth and style to your space this season.
Läufer and Keichel
As we begin spending even more time indoors as the weather gets colder, Curtain is the perfect table for facilitating a hearty meal with family and friends. Spacious and distinctive, the Curtain Table is a contemporary design, built with style and aesthetics in mind. A solid, sturdy table top placed on wooden legs that almost appear as if flowing in a wave-like pattern creates a dynamic and exciting juxtaposition, creating an atmosphere of serenity and inner-calm while instantly leaving an impression on those who view it. The legs are precision-crafted from solid wood that simultaneously supports a large, solid wood table top, resulting in a breathtaking balancing act. Available in white oiled ash, oak, knotty oak, color stained oak, cherry, walnut, or knotty walnut.
Lorenz Kaz
Warm and inviting, the elegance of Pelle is simply undeniable. Drawing from both Italian and Scandinavian influences, this chic design simply exudes sophistication and good taste. The chair has a semi-circular back and armrests which clearly reflect the language of Scandinavian design classics. However, the seat is freely suspended and made from saddle leather with a unique leather-bound aluminum inlay, which sets Pelle apart from classic designs through certain nods to technological and design innovation. Solid wooden frame available in beech, oak, or walnut, in a wide variety of color stains. Saddle leather seat available in light grey, dark grey, natural, maroon, dark brown, or black.
Läufer and Keichel
Looking to add convenient seating to your space, without sacrificing too much room? Consider the ergonomic and lightweight Okito Ply. The Okito Ply chair is effortlessly elegant and exceptionally convenient. Built to be perfectly stacked, transported and shipped, it’s no surprise that this beautiful chair was the winner of the 2019 Archiproduct Design Awards. The double bar, which supports the backrest and represents the most striking detail of the minimalist design, absorbs the movement of the body and resonates with it. Together with the ergonomic shaped wood elements, this creates a high level of seating comfort with plenty of room for movement.
In addition to being a simple gorgeous chair, the Friday Lounge is a fantastic example of just how much beauty can be contributed to a design through a masterful use of wood elements. The subtly formed wooden frame of the chair has a back section of leather with a design reminiscent of a pattern cut, while soft downy cushions lie gently in the frame and offer superb comfort. Designed to last a lifetime, Friday’s wooden frame is smooth, flowing, and contemporary, facilitating a modern and unexpected silhouette. Undeniably cozy and infinitely comforting, Friday is available with an oak or walnut frame.
The late Fall and early months often find us in search of warmth, comfort, and coziness, so of course, we instantly thought of the beautiful Simple Hi bed. Like sleeping on a cloud, Simple Hi’s minimalist frame almost appears to be floating on thin air. Exhibiting a profound visual lightness, Simple Hi feels like as much a reference to a magic carpet as an homage to minimalist design. The ideal addition to the contemporary bedroom, Simple Hi is available with attached side tables for added convenience as well as added style. Chic and forward-thinking, Simple Hi is available in solid Beech, Ash, Oak, Maple, Cherry, American Walnut, and European Walnut, all stunning natural woods capable of adding warmth and earthiness to any space.