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With a friendship spanning several decades, Kris Fuchs and Maria Sepulveda kick off SUITE NEWS monthly Round Table discussion series on SUITE NEWS. Hair styles may come and go but one thing remains the same, Kris and Maria have a dynamic Yin-Yang relationship that is an inspiration to clients, colleagues and employees alike. Their unique approach to business, with a major emphasis on customer service, has succeeded in creating a warm and lighthearted atmosphere that has serious undertones by way of iconic furniture with rich and storied pasts. Their balancing act of professional roles and unique tastes can be found at the Park Avenue showroom and on the pages of the new SUITENY.com. Natives of New York and Chile respectively, Kris and Maria talk influence, inspiration and their love for SUITE Design.

My top three influences are…

Maria: My family, living in New York City and my closest friends.
Kris: My two daughters; Sage, 18 years old, and Laura, 16 years, for seeing the world with such passion and excitement. Last but not least, my business partner and best friend of 32 years, Maria.

A favorite SUITE New York product is…

Maria: Working amongst such classic designs this almost feels like selecting a favorite child! I do believe it is Hans J. Wegner’s design and craftsmanship that have inspired me most. I have learned to appreciate and respect his collection of furniture and know that it will endure for many more years to come.
Kris: The Wishbone Chair because it was the initial product we used for our Pink Project collaborating with BCRF.

It’s Sunday morning, I’m…

Maria: ZZZzzzZZZzzz
Kris: In bed with my coffee, classical music blaring and all of my newspapers spread across over the bed with no commitments!

My dream project is…

Maria: Bringing our classic designs to newly renovated landmark public spaces for everyone to share and enjoy.
Kris: Working with the top real estate developer David Walentas on his DUMBO expansion and Related’s Stephen Ross on the revitalization of the Hudson Yards.

Currently, I’m most excited about…

Maria: The good and positive work our annual ‘Pink Project’ to benefit BCRF has generated to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for breast cancer, all through amazing design.
Kris: The launch of the new suiteny.com! We have created a true destination for our architect and interior designer clients to be inspired by Projects and product information while simultaneously generating a shopping-education hybrid for our end-user clients.

I’d be lost without…

Maria: My best friend and business partner who is my center and my rock. Rounded off with the unconditional support I receive from my husband and family. I am very lucky!
Kris: My iPhone, Oren’s coffee and George, my boyfriend of 7 years.

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