March 05, 2020

What makes a design special? In order for a design to truly come to life, every element has to be carefully considered—form, structure, material, texture, shape, accents and details… these are just a few of the concepts that transform iconic designs into so much more than just furniture. The use of wire in furniture might not be the most common practice, but it has inspired and elevated incredible designs, both traditional and contemporary, throughout the last few decades. Wire often contributes to an overall sense of lightness, allowing designs to take up less space both spatially and spiritually. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the unique power of wire in design.
Ole Schjøll
The idea of a wire frame truly comes to life in Ole Schjøll’s wire table. Originally designed in 1984, it would be 34 years until the Wire Table was brought to life by Danish manufacturer A. Petersen. The complicated intersection of shapes in the table’s wire base adds a dynamic uniqueness to an otherwise simple design, contributing to its overall character and noteworthy presence. Additionally, the use of steel wire for the base creates a sense of visual lightness and fluidity. Tabletop available in red, black, or white for added versatility and personalization.
Sofia Johansson & Lovisa Sanström
Designed by two young design students in their senior year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, Ridå was created as part of a school assignment. Källemo was so intrigued by Ridå, that they decided to produce it for their collection. A wardrobe unlike any other, Ridå is defined by sturdy steel wires that form an artistic, cage-like structure for storing and organizing clothes. Unlike a traditional dresser or wardrobe, Ridå revels in a sense of negative space and openness, profound without being overpowering. Frame and base in steel.
Mario Botta
A work of art in every possible sense, Seconda feels as if it were plucked straight out of a modern art exhibit and placed into your home. Its wire-like form, inspired by architectural geometry, is incomparably modern and genuinely one-of-a kind, while still remaining surprisingly functional. Seconda’s striking appearance and sculpturesque identity has made it an icon of Italian design, a testament to architect Mario Botta’s incredible talent and influence. Frame and seat in steel, cylindrical back elements in black polyurethane. 
Achille Castiglioni & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Libreria Pensile is a design that invites dialogue and discussion, introducing a new level of innovative thinking and minimalist construction. Stripping a bookcase down to only the absolute necessities, Italian design siblings Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed a shelving unit suspended by wires, adding a sense of lightness and creating the illusion that the shelves are floating in mid-air. The minimalist design and construction of the Wire Book Case allows for optimal creative freedom with the space that surrounds it.
Garcia Cumini
Integrating the idea of wires in an entirely unexpected way, Spokes is a stunningly contemporary light with a definitive sense of style. The design itself was inspired by images of antique lanterns and aviaries, while the name resulted from the designers’ observations of a bicycle wheel. Spokes’ wire shade allows the lamp to be exceptionally lightweight and easy to move, while simultaneously filtering light out into the room. Available in white or yellow, and in two different sizes.
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