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Like fresh fallen snow, the color white evokes a feeling of cleanliness, purity, and a new start. In design, white can do more than just adorn our homes; it can make a statement, influence the style of a room, and transform a space entirely. This week, in the spirit of Winter, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the elegance, timelessness, and versatility of white furniture.
Viggo Boesen
White sheepskin has never looked more stylish—or more inviting—than it does on the Little Petra chair. Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. Named after designer Viggo Boesen’s mother-in-law, Little Petra embodies the essence of a lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of cozy seating positions in a variety of settings. Extensive work has gone into ensuring the utmost comfort, and the result is an endearing lounge chair that beckons you to stay.
Giopato & Coombes
A vision of the purest Winter snow comes to life in the Bolle Frosted light. Bolle is inspired by the lightness of soap bubbles as a metaphor for the immateriality of light. Using the “a lume” technique from the Veneto region in Italy, Bolle houses a suspended brass bulb within frosted spheres that illuminate the room as well as reflect light off the curved interiors of the sphere for more sufficient lighting. Whether hung as a single piece or in a cluster of “bubbles,” Bolle Frosted is available in a variety of sizes and compositions, each impressive in their own way. 
Hans J. Wegner
This classic chair is a stunning example of the versatility and timeless presence of mid-century furniture, with the ability to define and transform a lounge space into something truly special. And when upholstered in white fabric, the chair may as well be called the Polar Bear, with strong arms embracing you in supreme comfort and warmth. Stylish and profound, consider Papa Bear an investment for life, as gifted Danish craftsmen spend at least two weeks hand-crafting each chair to the highest standards.
Angelo Mangiarotti
The Eros table is impressive simply by design, but in marble, takes on a regal, sculpturesque identity. Eros retains a strong, distinct presence, defined by its truncated conical legs or base. The table looks exceptionally stunning in sleek, white Carrara marble, a statement piece meant to be admired and appreciated. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, Eros can be customized to fit any space and function.
Bodil Kjær
Sleek, chic, and exuding an undeniable, profound mid-century appeal, Bodil Kjaer’s sofa is a striking design. Geometric in nature and featuring clean lines, the contrast of upholstery and sleek, stainless steel lends to a stunningly modern sofa that feels timeless and stylish more than sixty years after its inception. When upholstered in white, the design looks even more contemporary, and works beautifully in wide variety of spaces, ranging from home lounges to hotel lobbies. If you’re looking for a mid-century sofa to complete your space, Kjaer’s sofa is exactly what you need.