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After one of the most tumultuous years in history, the start of 2021 has taken on more meaning than years before. As we prepare to begin this new chapter, we can’t help thinking about everything that white furniture represents: purity, a clean slate, a refreshing new start—all the things we’re looking forward to. Additionally, white designs carry an undeniable sense of modernity and stylishness, allowing us to make a statement, influence the feeling of a room, and transform a space entirely. This week, in the spirit of Winter and the new year, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the elegance, timelessness, and versatility of white furniture.
Viggo Boesen
Chic, white shearling has never looked better than it does on the Little Petra chair. Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition, subsequently winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. Named after designer Viggo Boesen’s mother-in-law, Little Petra embodies the essence of a lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of cozy seating positions in a variety of settings. Extensive work has gone into ensuring the utmost comfort, and the result is an inviting, endearing lounge chair that beckons you to curl up and relax through the colder months. If you’re looking to mix stylish white furniture with extraordinary comfort, Little Petra is a tasteful, sophisticated choice.
Angelo Mangiarotti
The Eros table is impressive simply by design, but in marble, takes on a regal, sculpturesque identity, effortlessly commanding attention. Eros retains a strong, distinct presence, defined by its truncated conical legs or base. The table looks exceptionally stunning in sleek, white Carrara marble, a statement piece meant to be admired and appreciated, with a presence that almost feels like an intentional reference to iconic marble sculptures found in the world’s most prestigious art museums. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, Eros can be customized to fit any space and function.
Tord Boontje
In every possible way, Sun – Light of Love is a lighting design unlike any other. Geometric and fluid, this dynamic lighting design almost feels like a living, moving entity. In white, the light becomes even more sleek, and allows the design to more effectively blend into different spaces. A cluster of 390 metal rays are grafted onto the central body of this suspension lamp, giving it an indefinite form, the identity of which reassembles a sphere, almost like an exploding, white sun. The double light source—precise beam directed downward, and indirect, diffused lighting aimed upward—makes Sun – Light of Love ideal to light a room, or to create a cozy atmosphere around a table.
Greta Grossman
Perfectly angled for lounging, the shape, and structure of the GMG Chaise mirror the body’s natural curves for optimal relaxation. The chaise seems to float upon its distinctive, slender legs, which are a signature of Greta Grossman’s work. Exhibiting a refreshing visual lightness, the white cushion lends itself to provide supreme comfort, appearing like a soft blanket of snow. Representing a link between European design and American modernism, Greta Grossman combined her Swedish fondness for form and texture with a design meant for bright and open spaces. Whether indoors or out, while enjoying a book or a glass of wine, the GMG Chaise allows you to take relaxation to a whole new level.
Giopato & Coombes
Inspired by concepts in outer space, specifically stardust and lunar magnetism, the Gem suspension light was born. In frosted glass, Gem takes on a gorgeous, snowy effect, while offering a soft and ambient light. This whimsical and ethereal light fits elegantly into spaces of different shapes, sizes, and functions, and is meticulously handcrafted to ensure the highest quality possible. The Gem Ring Chandelier in frosted glass is certain to become an instant conversation piece wherever it is placed, allowing you to create a cozy winter wonderland within your own space.