December 18, 2019

Winter is a profoundly beautiful season, but it’s also the darkest, with the sun setting earlier than any other time of year. These changes place an even greater importance to the way we light our homes, offices, and other environments. Luckily, SUITE NY’s lighting collection is full of stunning options to illuminate your space with warmth and light. This week, we’re highlighting five exceptional lighting designs to brighten your space through the darker months.
Oliver Schick
Simple yet lively, the bell-shaped Ronde collection is a modern interpretation of the traditional pendant lamp and the heyday of 1970s lighting design. With the Ronde lamp, light spreads mainly downwards but also spreads out of the spout-like opening and casts a smooth light gradient at the wire and ceiling. Ronde is versatile enough to fit effortlessly into a wide range of spaces—in residential spaces such as dining rooms, lounge spaces, and kitchens, as well as commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. Powder-coated surface available in matte white, rusty red, pigeon grey, anthracite, and charcoal black.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Throughout his career, Angelo Mangiarotti produced countless iconic designs, drawing influence from architectural shapes and materials, but the Lari Lamp shows Mangiarotti taking a simpler approach. Lari almost feels as if it belongs outdoors, but instead exudes a comforting and rustic warmth within your space, ideal for lighting your home through the winter. The light is composed of mouth blown glass in two shells, held together by the base, which also supports the light's electrical system. The size, shape and texture of the Lari light work together to define a minimalist lamp with a slightly industrial appeal.
Giopato & Coombes
Elegant and contemporary, Cirque is a geometric combination of brass, thread-like structures and ribbed-glass light capsules. With the Cirque Pendant Column, the potential to create fantastical environments and elevated ambiance is limitless. Whether lined up, placed in a group, or standing alone, the Cirque Pendant Column can be configured strategically to entirely transform a space. Utterly unique, Cirque feels just as much like a work of art as a functional light for your space. If you’re looking for a light unlike any other to create your own indoor Winter wonderland, this is it. 
Chiaramonte & Marin
Reminiscent of a traditional Chinese lantern, Riflesso almost appears to be an illuminated glass bubble floating in air. As the LED light passes through the glass, light is refracted to create beautiful patterns and ambiance. The light’s shape and shimmer add to a sense of fun and playfulness without sacrificing elegance, modernity, and sophistication—perfect for the contemporary home. Riflesso Glass shade available in light amethyst, amber, crystal, or smoky. 
Giopato & Coombes
Inspired by concepts in outer space, specifically stardust and lunar magnetism, the Gem suspension light was born. Gem’s identity is light and airy, with an unexpected and creative silhouette. Though Gem feels somewhat futuristic, it doesn’t sacrifice elegance, and the light’s warm brass structure and sleek glass shades lend to an overall sense of magic and mysticism. Gem emits a soft, ambient light, perfect for cozily illuminating rooms during the darker months of the year. Available in two configurations, cluster or linear, with shade in clear or dusted glass. 
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