There is a great divide in the SUITE NY showroom:
Those who fondly remember the Prince spaghetti commercial, and those who weren’t born yet.

The award-winning “Wednesday Is Spaghetti Day” spot debuted in 1969 and ran nationally for 13 years.
During that time and far across the pond, Italian architect Giandomenico Belotti was developing the design that would make him famous, the Spaghetti Chair.
Since then, manufacturer Alias has branched that original design into a series of products, including Jasper Morrison’s answer to Spaghetti, the Tagliatelli.

All these noodles are making us hungry – Good thing it’s Spaghetti Day!


Spaghetti Chair by Giandomenico Belotti for AliasSpaghetti Stool by Giandomenico Belotti for Alias
Tagliatelle chair by Jasper Morrison for Alias
Tagliatelle outdoor chair by Jasper Morrison for Alias

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