We are thrilled to introduce one of the newest brands to join the SUITE NY family, Vaarnii—a Finland-based manufacturer that designs solid wood pieces with a strong brutalist influence, from a single natural raw material: Finnish pine. The designs explore the intrinsically versatile qualities of solid pine, an often overlooked material that is capable of inspiring timeless, sculptural pieces, while tactfully blending both contemporary and traditional influences. This week, we’re showcasing five beautifully brutal designs from Vaarnii’s collection.
Fredrik Paulsen
Fredrik Paulsen’s Dining Table is an exercise in artful simplicity. The table is defined by a thoughtful silhouette and masterful construction, incorporating the supreme functionality and expert craftsmanship known to define Finnish design. In alignment with the brand’s commitment to incorporating a Brutal influence into all of their designs, the tabletop, legs, and base all feature strong, right angles, giving the table an innate, geometric quality. Made to order and also available as a round table.
Soft Baroque
Vaarnii’s Coffee Table is not only beautiful, but also serves as a captivating statement piece. The oversized joints are inspired by traditional Finnish log houses, which add depth and geometry to the design. The repeating motif of round, circular forms creates a visual cohesion and propels the design into a contemporary, forward-thinking identity. Entirely unique from any coffee table we’ve seen before, the table is extraordinarily durable, and constructed with intention to be used for decades to come.
Hans-Agne Jakobsson
The Hans Pendant is a light in a league of its own. The warm glow of light filtering through the layered pine shade is capable of transforming an interior. When Vaarnii began exploring the use of pine wood in lighting design, it quickly became clear that the iconic designs of Hans-Agne Jakobsson, from the 1960’s, epitomized this concept. Vaarnii has re-engineered three of Jakobsson’s pendant designs into a collection using solid Finnish pine to support circular strips of high-quality wood veneer, reintroducing these classic 20th century designs to the market after decades of absence.
Fredrik Paulsen
Vaarnii’s Bar Stool is a beautifully organic option for bar seating, featuring an ergonomic back and strong, defined elements that showcase the visual, textural, and structural characteristics of solid wood. At first glance, it appears relatively straightforward, but with a closer look, the design is incredibly detailed and intentional. All Vaarnii products are locally made by a small number of expert Finnish makers, using pine wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed Finnish forests. Available in counter or bar heights.

Max Lamb
Vaarnii’s Lounge Chair redefines the true capabilities of solid wood furniture and adds contemporary, organic style to virtually any space. Utilizing thoughtful, expertly-constructed elements, the first impression of its brutalist design quickly gives way to a visual softness and physical comfort. The chair’s components utilize large surface areas to showcase the enticing natural grains of the wood, while providing a spacious seat for extended relaxation.