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When designing a space, experimenting with color is important. A simple way to incorporate color in an interesting way is the addition of a two-toned piece. This week, we bring you five designs that embody the exciting two-tone trend.
Vico Magistretti, 1992
The Uragano chair is based on the classic bamboo armchair, reworked for today’s home. The structure is in two stains of solid beach, while the curved wicker elements of the seat, back, and sides are crafted by hand. Perfect on the veranda, in the winter garden, around a dining table, or fitted with a cushion for friendly conversation.
Mel Smilow, 1950
Made of solid walnut with matching doors and beautifully finished front, this credenza was originally designed by Mel Smilow in 1950 and reissued by Smilow Design with the finest craftsmanship and exceptional detail. With the option of a lacquered casing, you can experiment with a fun, two-toned look.
Jaime Hayon, 2013
The Ro™ is today’s answer to tomorrow’s easy chair. The extra-wide chair has a shell with exaggerated wings, allowing for privacy and a soft place to rest your head. Ro™, meaning “tranquility” in Danish, comes in nine unique designer selections with a mix of two tone-on-tone fabrics: one fabric for the shell and another for the cushions.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1978
Tre 3 is a comfortable chair made of traditional materials and featuring simple but elegant construction details. Three rectangular-sectioned legs are joined together by a solid T-shaped cross structure, which is as stable as a traditional chair with four legs. A piece of leather has been placed in the high rear leg which gently descends to smoothly and seamlessly give shape to the back and seat.
Ritva Puotila, 2012
The Beach carpets are divided into two sections: the beach and the water. The exciting contrast breaks up the colors and emphasizes their deep tones. Available in a variety of color combinations.