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Taut tufting has the ability to bring a sophisticated element to upholstered pieces. This week, we bring you five tufted designs that will make a statement in your home.
Craig Bassam & Scott Fellows, 2015
The Asymmetric Sofa effortlessly weaves elements to create a visual concordance of modules that can be configured into several arrangements. Each sectional is fully finished on all sides and can be pieced together like a puzzle, or taken apart and used as standalone sofas, chaises, or daybeds.
Jeff Vioski, 2017
The recently launched Milo utilizes mid-century modern curves to create an artful yet functional lounge chair. The sleek silhouette and constructed contour of the design are hand crafted with a solid wood frame and exceptional upholstery.
Arne Jacobsen & Flemming Lassen, 1939 | 2012
Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen originally designed the Mayor Sofa for Sollerod, Denmark’s city hall, built between 1939-1942. This sofa shows a moderation of modernism and a unique regional adaption: the frame is made of massive oak and the upholstery is taut but with three loose cushions.
DePadova, 2004
The Pouf Capitonne plays a leading role, often being the central element in a room. It acts as a comfortable island for your books, accessories, or lounging. Covered in leather, this piece is completely designed by hand and offers ample seating.
Jeff Vioski, 2006
The bolster armrests and clean tufting of the Chicago come together in classic lines, bringing a sophisticated style and comfort to any room. Chicago is available as a loveseat, sofa, sectional sofa, and three lounge versions.