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Travertine is a durable, elegant form of limestone, capable of lasting decades, and has become an increasingly popular material in recent years. Travertine’s earliest known uses date back to 3200 BC, and the material has been found in artifacts from ancient Rome and Egypt. This week, we’re thrilled to share five transcendent travertine designs, chic enough to meet today’s expectations and durable enough to become intergenerational heirlooms.
The TS Table series has expanded to the outdoors, with luxurious tabletops in beautifully veined white travertine, which complement the sharp, geometric bases in powder-coated stainless steel. These new materials enable the collection’s stylish interior aesthetic to cross the threshold into the open air. The outdoor tables offer an elevated sense of minimalism and refinement, and as the table ages, the travertine tabletop will develop a gorgeous patina. Classic with a contemporary edge, the TS Table outdoor collection offers a stylish solution in outdoor design.
Neri & Hu
An elegant and elevated dining setup is not complete without the perfect tabletop accessories. Thankfully Zisha, a wonderfully innovative new collection of nesting bowls, is the perfect solution. The design of the bowls is subtly influenced by the shape and structure of the tulou, traditional communal dwellings built historically in Southern China, allowing Zisha to stand as a beautiful homage to Chinese history, culture, and architecture. Available in travertine and several warm, natural tones of clay, the Zisha collection can be used separately or stacked to form a sculptural statement piece.
Giopato and Coombes
The stylish Soffio provides a sophisticated approach to minimalist tabletop lamps. Using the “a lume” technique from the Veneto region in Italy, Soffio houses a proprietary brass LED source within a transparent or frosted glass sphere that illuminates the room as well as reflects light off the curved interior of the sphere. The travertine base contrasts with the lamp’s hardware and glass shade, offering a compelling interplay among different textures, colors, and elements. Additionally, travertine’s naturally porous texture provides the lamp with a beautiful earthiness and rich character. The hardware is available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, polished nickel, brushed bronze, and blackened brass.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Iconic Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti received worldwide acclaim throughout his lifetime and after, for his incredible work with stone. His design of the M Table is fluid and commanding with a gorgeous silhouette that establishes the design as an instant statement piece. Travertine transforms this already profound design into something that feels organic and intentional, while pairing beautifully with a range of other materials, including solid woods, marbles, and metals. The flared lathe-turned central base streamlines the structure of the table to accommodate the top which simply uses gravity alone to stay in place.
John Pawsom
The JP Large Bowl is one of our long-time favorites when it comes to decorative pieces, and of course, we remain endlessly enamored with the design genius of John Pawson. And while the JP Large Bowl has graced our showroom, as well as our own dining rooms, many times over the years, there is something truly magnificent about the latest addition to the collection—travertine. In stone, the bowl embodies an entirely different identity, occupying a space that feels both ancient and stunningly contemporary. Wherever you choose to place the JP Large Bowl, it’s certain to make a lasting impression.