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The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” But we can’t help wondering—why can’t the mirror be a work of art, as well? While mirrors certainly serve a utilitarian purpose, helping to ensure we show the best version of ourselves to the world, they can also be a beautiful, visual statement piece within the home. This week, we’re highlighting five of our absolute favorites, to help you find a mirror that doesn’t just reflect your appearance, but is also a perfect reflection of your personal style.
Bonny is an innovating and appealing concept for a mirror, and the three-dimensional form of its frame turns the Bonny mirror into a true jewel on the wall, adding depth and personality. The contrast between the glass mirror and organic wood offers a unique expression, and provides a softness not often found in contemporary mirrors. Available in four sizes with solid wood frame in oak or walnut.
Gio Ponti
Regal and elegant, the Randaccio wall mirror is one of Italian designer Gio Ponti’s signature works, and has carried his legacy from decade to decade. Originally designed for his own home on Via Randaccio in Milan, Ponti’s very first architectural project, Randaccio mirrors decorated the walls of his bedroom on the third floor together alongside other furniture designed specifically for the apartment. Offered in three sizes with sleek brass edging, the collection is characterized by its atypical crown-like detailing on the top; a detail used by Ponti in several of his works within art and design.
Ettore Sottsass
Impossibly enticing, Etrusco almost feels as if it arrived in a time machine. The colors, shapes, and overall design bring to mind clear visions of the art deco interiors of the 1920s and 1930s. The design’s gold-plated cylindrical elements and bright Alpi veneer frame are ideal for introducing a pop of color into your space, without appearing overstated or garish. Ideal for main bedrooms, boutiques, dressing rooms, or hotels, Etrusco offers something exciting for anyone in search of a stylish vanity mirror. Every piece is identified with progressive numbering, adding to the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind feel of the design.
Piero Lissoni
The Kooh-I-Noor, which means “Mountain of Light” in Persian, is one of the largest diamonds in the world. Piero Lissoni designed the Kooh-I-Noor standing mirror to resemble the famous diamond. The irregular shape, faceted perimeter, and special chamferings of varying depth and inclination lend Kooh-I-Noor a stunning reflective quality that is as lavish as it is unique. Available in two large sizes, this elegant mirror is poised to become an instant statement piece, capable of entirely transforming your interior.
Paul McCobb
Paul McCobb was a master at harmoniously blending aesthetics and functionality, and this perfect marriage is profoundly evident in the timelessly chic Table Mirror. Perfectly practical, the 360-degree horizontal swivel rotation ensures the perfect viewing angle, while the addition of a marble shelf offers a place to set down small items—and while subtle, this feature transforms the Table Mirror into something so much more. Wherever it is placed, Paul McCobb’s Table Mirror is certain to find a way to make itself incredibly useful, while also remaining a stylish and modern item within the home. Tray in white carrara marble.