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Comfort is taking an eco-friendly turn as we welcome the newest addition to our showroom. Finnish design company Woodnotes, found in 1987 by Ritva Puotila and son Mikko Puotila, is introducing the Woodnotes Bed, the newest piece in their collection of environmentally compatible products. Taking the bare essential ingredients of wood and paper to create the unique properties of this textile, the functional capabilities of paper yarn is giving the bedroom more than just a grand makeover in comfort and aesthetics. Offering a flawless elegance and quality to the once mundane object that we sleep in, the Woodnotes Bed also benefits the environment with its biodegradable properties, allowing the item to last longer and stay cleaner over time.

The bed can be arranged based on individual taste, coming in nine colors and having adjustable feet. The wooden headboard, consisting of two separate components, can be pieced together in various styles while also coming in an assortment of sizes to fit your bedroom. With a headboard composed of paper yarn cotton fabric, this item can easily retain its clean nature with a material that is antistatic and repels dust. Additionally, a soil-repellent treatment is also available with the product upon purchase.

Woodnotes Bed is now on display in our showroom, along with a variety of other beautiful accessories from the Finnish brand.

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