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One of history’s most prolific and influential designers, Hans J. Wegner’s legacy has left an unmatched footprint on the design world, inspiring nearly a century of designers to come. Described as the master of the chair, as well as the godfather of Danish design, Wegner designed more than 500 chairs throughout his life, many of which went on to become undisputed icons within the global design community. This week, we’re highlighting five of our favorite pieces by Hans J. Wegner—but with so many to choose from, we encourage you to explore the dozens of additional Wegner designs in our collection.
Hans J. Wegner
To say that the CH24 Wishbone dining chair is iconic would be an understatement. A testament to Hans J. Wegner’s lifetime of renowned works, the Wishbone has been in continuous production since it was introduced in 1950. Inspired by the ceremonial Quan Yi chair from the Ming dynasty, this elegant chair is lightweight, comfortable and will last generations due to impeccable production techniques overseen by master craftsmen. In mahogany, Wishbone takes on an even more distinguished identity, appearing undeniably sophisticated and exhibiting the true, timeless beauty of solid wooden furniture.
Hans J. Wegner
Fritz Hansen’s entire collection only includes one solid wood chair—and unsurprisingly, this one chair is none other than Hans J. Wegner’s timeless and groundbreaking China Chair™. In designing this chair, Wegner was inspired by traditional Chinese chairs from the 17th and 18th centuries, and the design epitomizes his lifelong quest to understand the nature of wood and explore its possibilities. Featuring subtle curves, thoughtful details, and a refined silhouette, the China Chair feels graceful and dignified, while entirely capable of adding character and personality to any interior.
Hans J. Wegner
Flag Halyard is a spacious and stunning chair, designed to incorporate all the necessary conditions for optimal lounging. Perfect for lounge spaces, whether you’re enjoying the company of friends or curled up in front of the fireplace, the optional sheepskin throw adds warmth and comfort while also adding a tasteful sense of luxury. Designed by the iconic, world-renowned Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner, the Flag Halyard is an utterly captivating design, built to last, and built to make an impression in any setting. Available in natural or black flax, with a leather or fabric upholstered neck cushion, secured by straps in brittle leather or jute.
Hans J. Wegner
Designed in 1950 and manufactured to Wegner’s exact, original specifications, the CH22 is a beautiful low armchair. The design showcases expert solid wood construction, and features Wegner’s signature armrests with a paper-cord seat, woven in what is known as an envelope weave. The chair’s refined joinery is evident in the finger-joined corners of the seat frame, a symbol of the mastery and skill required to construct each individual chair. CH22 sports a slim frame, yet the chair remains broad and spacious to allow optimal comfort. Timeless and distinctive, this chair is truly a Danish design masterpiece. Seat in handwoven natural or black papercord. Cushion available in golden brown, dark brown, brown, red, dark red, white, and black
Hans J. Wegner
The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner eventually completed this design at the age of 72. The project spanned his entire career and became one of his most visionary endeavors, posing great challenges for PP Møbler’s workshop as its construction would push the limits of what’s possible. Very few designs express the incorporation of geometric shapes as effectively and profoundly as this stunning design, and consequently, the Circle Chair turned out to be one of Wegner’s most characteristic designs, while offering great comfort and flexibility. Surprisingly versatile, the Circle Chair is light and transparent, very practical, and easy to move around, fitting stylishly into almost any interior.