Is there anything more regal than velvet? The earliest records of velvet date back thousands of years in ancient Egypt and China, and as the material’s popularity grew over many centuries, it wasn’t uncommon to see royalty adorn themselves in velvet fabrics. Today, we have the luxury of upholstering many innovative and iconic designs in velvet, adding an entirely new dimension to our interior spaces. There’s just something about this elegant, shimmering material that presents an unparalleled sense of elegance, and this week, we’re highlighting five items to help you live your velvet fantasy.
Space Copenhagen
Undeniably, the loafer lounge is an eye-catching chair. Sporting a unique silhouette, clean lines, and plush upholstery, this striking and elegant design makes itself perfectly at home in both residential or commercial settings such as lounges, museums, and restaurants, and becomes utterly irresistible when upholstered in velvet. The design was born out of a request from the SAS Royal Hotel to Space Copenhagen, asking the design duo to create a chair specifically for their elegant hotel. And though Loafer certainly does work beautifully in a hotel setting, this chic and comfortable chair caters to a variety of uses and spaces, adding a touch of art deco sophistication wherever it’s placed.
Omi Tahara
Smart. Chic. Stylish. The Blendy sofa finds Japanese designer Omi Tahara weaving together an emotional relationship between people and objects through a delicate, innovative design. Thin and light, Blendy has the ability to transform itself through colors, fabrics, and large plush cushions that make the seat comfortable and highly adaptable. Ideal for adding comfort and style to interior spaces without taking up too much room or appearing overstated, Blendy becomes a delicate yet eye-catching statement piece when upholstered in velvet. Available as a two or three seater.
Alberto Lievore
Defined by compact dimensions and a welcoming shape, Emily represents the ideal combination of comfort and elegance. Ideal for tying together spaces of any size, Emily is committed to relaxation, convenience, and style. Inspired by the enveloping shape of the shell, the chair wraps you in a warm and comfortable embrace. Emily is also available with the matching pouf, Planet, which complements it perfectly. Drawing from both contemporary and mid-century references, the chair retains an exceptional degree of versatility and timelessness. Perfect for the modern home, while also fitting just as well in public or commercial environments, Emily looks stunning when placed alone or with her pouf counterpart.
The Beetle Sofa is a minimalist masterpiece. Taking its inspiration from GamFratesi’s world-renowned Beetle Lounge Chair, the elongated Beetle Sofa plays with the contrast between the enveloping outer shell and a soft and inviting interior, and instantly invites conversation. Beetle’s pleasing simplicity lends to an astounding degree of versatility, allowing the sofa to blend seamlessly into a wide range of spaces and functions, both residential and commercial. With velvet upholstery adding even more charm to this impressive design, the Beetle Sofa finds itself feeling right at home just about anywhere.
Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen
Originally designed for Søllerød, Denmark’s city hall, Mayor is a simply beautiful design. Timeless and modern, Mayor’s design feels current and stylish in virtually any environment, displaying a gorgeous contrast between wood and upholstery. Even with its unwavering commitment to excellent design and aesthetics, Mayor doesn’t sacrifice coziness. The back curves into two elevated sides, establishing a sense of security which allows the seater to be enveloped within the sofa, creating your own comforting, tufted space within a space. In velvet, Mayor’s undeniably stylish appearance takes on an even more profound elegance, and allows the design to cater to even the most upscale spaces. Available as a two or three-seater with frame in white oiled oak, smoke oiled oak, or black lacquered oak.