This week, we are thrilled to share the success of our recent design week installation, “The Shape of Daydreams,” which has now been extended due to overwhelming demand. Set against the raw, inspiring backdrop of our penthouse in the NoMad Design District, the installation features the North American debut of Bruma, the newest creation from esteemed Italian glassmakers Giopato & Coombes, alongside limited edition pieces from their DAL and Maehwa Collections. If you missed the opportunity to experience these exquisite pieces during design week, we invite you to plan a visit and look forward to welcoming you to this incredible space.
SUITE NY was honored to present an immersive US introduction to acclaimed Italian lighting designers, Giopato & Coombes. For this Italo- British duo, design means finding the synthesis between the emotion behind conception and the pragmatism of innovation. The study of the behavior of light, of the shapes enhancing its beauty and the technology that allows its existence, is the foundation of every project they design. One of the highlights of Design Week was bringing together design enthusiasts and industry leaders to celebrate this remarkable showcase.
We are delighted by the enthusiastic response to “The Shape of Daydreams” and invite you to schedule a visit to see this captivating display for yourself. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the SUITE NY showroom at (212) 421-3300 or sending an email to: We look forward to sharing this extraordinary design experience and welcoming you to our showroom on the 17th floor where you can view additional pieces from the Giopato & Coombes collection.
“The Shape of Daydreams” set the stage for the debut of Giopato & Coombes’ stunning new design, Bruma, which was inspired by the stratification of fog in the Italian hills. The Bruma collection has been described as a “Silent Sculpture of Light.” Made from hanging sheets of textured Murano glass, Bruma specifically evokes the feelings and essence of the moment when fog makes contact with water, and the intriguing reflections created. Set against the backdrop of the NYC skyline, Bruma is an absolutely beautiful work of art.
The Maehwa Lighting Collection by Giopato & Coombes draws inspiration from the delicate beauty of blooming plum blossoms. Each piece in the collection features hand-blown glass elements that evoke the ethereal quality of petals, combined with meticulously crafted metalwork. The result is a harmonious blend of nature and artistry, creating lighting fixtures that are both functional and poetic. This collection is a testament to Giopato & Coombes’ commitment to innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship, making it a standout addition to this amazing showcase.
The Drawing a Line (DAL) Lighting Collection by Giopato and Coombes is a limited edition series that elegantly combines minimalist design with intricate detail. Each piece in the collection features sleek, linear forms that are enhanced by the delicate interplay of light and shadow, creating a striking visual effect. Crafted with precision, the DAL collection showcases the designers’ ability to transform simple lines into extraordinary lighting sculptures. This exclusive collection is a perfect embodiment of contemporary sophistication and refined artistry, offering a unique and illuminating experience for discerning collectors.
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